Healthcare siemens menu   close main menu siemens home healthcare healthcare it & infrastructure hearing instruments laboratory diagnostics medical imaging therapy systems refurbished systems accessories & oem equipment services education & training clinical specialties & diseases clinical software applications mr elastography mr elastography elastogram calculated from wave image providing reliable data about tissue stiffness1 previous mr elastographyelastogram calculated from wave image providing reliable data about tissue stiffness1 mr elastographywave image obtained by mechanical waves while measuring with a motion-sensitive mr sequence2 mr elastographyresoundantâ® passive driver mr elastographyresoundantâ® active driver next in collaboration with mayo clinic, siemens is offering mr elastography for magnetom aera und magnetom skyra. viagra jelly how to use As a result of this cooperation, a new mri-based biomarker for characterizing tissue non-invasively is provided. Furthermore this represents a new approach of improved treatment decisions, especially in the field of liver fibrosis. The mr elastography package includes hardware and software. can i use viagra for fun Overview features & benefits general requirements system magnetom aera magnetom skyra minimum software version syngo mr d11d other please note: additional technical pre-requisites may apply. buy viagra Upon receiving your request, your local siemens representative will clarify whether your system meets the requirements. 1 northwestern memorial hospital, chicago, usa share this site via email back to top contact classic website ©siemens ag, 2010 - 2012 - corporate information | privacy policy | terms of use | digital id. jalea real viagra natural Xpected to increase based on an aging population, the growing epidemic of obesity, and the continuing trend toward end-stage liver disease among individuals with chronic hepatitis c. viagra jelly how to use Loss in functionality of liver is the result of changes in the underlying liver tissue, which can be indirectly evaluated by observing the changes of tissue stiffness. Such changes in tissue stiffness is typically evaluated by palpation. viagra coupon If necessary, information gathered from palpation may be further evaluated by needle biopsy. viagra generic Needle biopsy does not provide stiffness measurement, but directly provides the pathology of the tissue sample. viagra jelly how to use Palpation is highly subjective, while needle biopsy is invasive. Mre provides additional assessment of liver disease beyond routine lab and imaging tests so that the patient can be appropriately referred for further evaluation. The benefits of mr-touch are: high clinical value   high sensitivity and specificity for identifying stiffness variations in liver tissue. buy generic viagra online   valuable in triaging patients for further evaluation. order viagra Positive patient experience   non-invasive and reduce side effects. buy viagra cheap Mr-touch has been awa.