Unit. Your nurse will take frequent observations of your vital signs (e. do gay men use viagra G. buying viagra on line Pulse) and dressings/ drains for several hours after the surgery. buy viagra discount online These will become less frequent as you recover but remain regular until you leave hospital. where to buy cials and viagra online It is important that your blood pressure is not taken on your operated side. maximum dosage viagra You will be resting in bed immediately after your surgery. cheapest viagra to buy When you are ready to get out of bed for the first time following your surgery it is important that you have assistance. buy generic viagra About four hours after you return to the ward, your nurse will assist you to have a wash. watermelon may be a natural viagra You may have small amounts of water or ice to suck, then progress from fluids to a normal diet as tolerated. Viagra men over 65 If you have pain or nausea, please tell your nurse as there are medications which can be given to relieve this. viagra generica It is important to be comfortable. maximum dosage viagra The drip (iv) is necessary to maintain your fluid intake. This will be removed when you are tolerating adequate amounts of oral fluids. Where the lymph nodes have been removed you may have a drain in place under your arm. Your underarm drain will remain in place until the amount of drainage decreases sufficiently for it to be removed. generic viagra canadian online The length of time this drain remains in varies from person to person. It is possible that you will be going home with the drain still in. maximum dosage viagra If this is the case the nursing staff will give you the necessary education to allow you to confidently manage the drain at home. You will also have a second drain in place at the wound site. An additional booklet that demonstrates a step by step guide to manage the drain will also be given to you. http://howtosmudge.com/pjn-generic-viagra-canadian-online-ke/ This drain may be or may not be removed before you go home. daily dose viagra effectiveness Your physiotherapist will visit either on the day of surgery or the day following surgery to explain exercises that will help with your post-op recovery and provide you with additional information to follow. The day you go home you will be ready to go home when: you are mobilising to the same level as you were prior to your admission you are maintaining adequate oral intake your pain is controlled with oral analgesia you have received education regarding your postoperative arm exercises/ physiotherapy you have received explanations regarding your post-operative care by your breast care nurse you have received your post-operative appointments your discharge plan has been completed. Viagra in deutschland online bestellen What to expect pain management you can expect some discomfort from your wound. http://floridalighttacklecharters.com/thq-cheap-generic-viagra-gn/ It may be necessary to take some simple oral analgesia as prescribed by your doctor. buy viagra in uk no prescription You will find that you will need this analgesia for the first week after your operation. where to buy viagra from mexico After this time you may have some discomfort/pain but may not need analgesia. http://medicaresupplementspecialists.com/pfz-viagra-prescriptions-mn/ Your pain should continue to decrease over the following week. Wound management your wound may be slightly red, raised and you may have some bruising. This is part of the normal healing process and should subside within two to three weeks of your operation. A waterproof dressing wi. Brand name viagra no prescription